• HY Fit Warm Grey – Corner

    A space saving corner design to really reduce litter scatter

    Not much space for your litterbox? We got you. Designed to fit in any corner of your room, this litter box does just that!A lower step-in front entrance enables easy entry and exit.
    The all-round high sides help contain litter scatter and cat spray, designed to keep the litterbox area clean.
    Stacks perfectly for in-store display.
    And of course, this litter box is also made with BPA-free, non-toxic and 50% recycled material.

  • Moderna Tray 22.5 Jumbo Blue Berry With Rim

    Moderna Litter Tray with Rim is a great litter tray with a raised rim that ensures that the litter stays in the tray. Because it is an open tray, the cat can see what is happening around it.

    • Rounded edges
    • Available in different sizes for every breed
    • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
    • Premium quality plastic for long lasting use