• Probiotic Multi-Cleaner 500ml

    Beaphar Multi Cleaner is suitable to clean housing and cages with multiple surfaces, such as metal, wood and plastic. It can also be used on hard or soft furnishing.

    The product ensures an excellent cleaning performance on a microscopic level and promotes a healthy effect on the environment’s microbiome.

    The product rapidly breaks down residual organic matter and leaves a layer of probiotics to work on future contamination, leaving your home clean and healthy.

  • Probiotic Odour Remover 500ml

    Beaphar Odour Remover effectively eliminates displeasing odours in the household caused by pets.

    The included probiotics disintegrate lasting organic material that causes the odour, and leaves behind a coating that is set to absorb future smells.

    Carpets and soft furnishing remain fresh and clean. On top of that, the Odour Eliminator has a beneficial impact on the microbiome.

  • Probiotic Stain Remover 500ml

    Beaphar Stain Remover effectively removes stains and odours in pet-owning households caused by urine, faeces, blood and vomit as well as many common household stains, such as those caused by food and drinks.

    The added probiotics break down the residual organic matter that are causing the odours and leaves a layer to work on future contamination.

    As a result, carpets and soft furnishing are left fresh and clean, whilst having a positive effect on the environment’s microbiome.