• All For Reef

    All For Reef is an easy-to-use, highly concentrated solution for the supply of all essential minerals and trace elements in new or moderately stocked reef aquariums.

    Minerals are consumed through the growth of organisms and other processes in the aquarium and must therefore be supplemented regularly. These include mainly the necessary elements calcium, magnesium and strontium.

    • Complete mineral supply in only one solution.
    • The most important trace elements are already included.
    • No formation of by-products.
    • No formation of excess carbon dioxide.
    • Suitable for an aquarium stocked with soft corals.
    • Easy to apply – suitable for manual and dosing pumps.
  • All For Reef Powder

    Tropic Marin All-For-Reef Powder is an ultra-concentrated mineral blend, with which an easy-to-use, highly concentrated all-round solution for supplying all key minerals and trace elements in newly established and averaged reef aquariums is available after being dissolved in reverse osmosis water.

    • Complete mineral supply with only one component.
    • All essential trace elements are already included.
    • No formation of by-products (e.g. sodium chloride).
    • No formation of excess carbon dioxide.
    • Suitable for aquarium stocking with soft corals.
    • Easy to use – suitable for both manual dosage.
  • Amino Organic

    Tropic Marin® Amino-Organic contains amino acids and other organic nitrogen compounds that stimulate the growth of soft and leather corals, as well as disc anemones and zoanthids. This results in greater absorption, by the anthozoans, of the phosphate available from the water, biologically reducing phosphate concentrations.

    • Contains valuable amino acids and minerals.
    • Adds readily digestible organic nitrogen compounds.
    • Delivers a balanced nitrogen/phosphate ratio (N:P).
    • Biologically reduces elevated phosphate concentrations.
    • Stimulates coral growth.
    • Corals thrive with greater vitality.
  • Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand

    Beautiful marine substrate packed with millions of heterotrophic, autotrophic, and chemolithotrophic bacteria. Huge beneficial bacteria population aids in waste reduction and dramatically reduces cycling time in new setups.

    • Contains live bacteria to assist with a faster cycle.
    • Grain size: 1-2mm.
    • Most popular size for reef sand.
    • High Surface Area for Bacteria.
    • Great choice for new aquarists.
  • Bio-Strontium

    A sufficient supply of strontium is as essential for the growth and well-being of reef-building corals as calcium. In the reef aquarium, the strontium concentration can drop rapidly to low values due to biological processes, precipitation, and incorporation into the limestone skeleton.

    • Replenish essential strontium.
    • Does not disrupt the ionic balance.
    • Natural substances are formed.
    • No chelates, phosphates, or nitrates.
    • Creates nature-identical conditions in the aquarium.
  • Carbo Calcium Powder

    Tropic Marin® Carbocalcium Powder is highly concentrated calcium and alkalinity for dissolving in reverse osmosis water to get the proven Carbo-Calcium solution. After dissolving, one single solution can cover all the calcium and carbonate hardness requirements of a typical reef aquarium without undesirable additional compounds or excess carbon dioxide being produced.

    • Extremely high yield.
    • The pH value remains completely stable.
    • No phosphates or surplus CO2 are added to the aquarium.
    • The salinity remains constant.
    • No danger caused by oxygen depletion.
    • Suitable for all tank sizes.
  • Coral Glue – 295ml


    Finally – a coral glue with a superior intermolecular bonding that sets underwater.

    Coral Glue from EcoTech Marine sets a new standard for ease of use, curing time, versatility and durability. This coral glue features superior intermolecular bonding that sets underwater.

    Glue corals and rocks upright, sideways or upside down. In addition to bonding, the glue actually provides a support structure, so don’t be shy with volume.

    • Sets underwater in 10 seconds
    • Cures in five minutes
    • pH neutral and Triple-distilled purity
    • Non-clogging pin cap
    • Two-year shelf life


  • Eco-Complete Cichlid Sand

    The secret to successfully keeping African Cichlids begins with Eco Complete African Cichlid Substrates. These mineralogically complete substrates contain aragonite to maintain the high pH African Cichlids need.

    • Maintains the high pH.
    • Buffers automatically for the life of the aquarium.
    • Contains live, water purifying bacteria.
    • Makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer.
    • No rinsing required.
  • Elimi-Control Carbon

    The Tropic Marin® Elimi-Control Carbon filter set is a slow filter system for the sustained and particularly effective removal of yellowness. The aquarist can enjoy the plants and corals in the aquarium in their full natural colors.

    • Highly efficient carbon to combat harmful substances.
    • Powerful capacity for adsorbing substances.
    • For optimum light availability in the aquarium.
    • Can be expanded with the special additional cartridges.
    • Corals, plants, and fish and bring out their natural colors.
  • Elimi-Phos Longlife

    Tropic Marin® Elimi-Phos can remain in the aquarium even after its absorption capacity has been reached. When the phosphate level in the aquarium starts to increase again, repeat the above procedure with new Elimi-Phos.

    • Special granules for the removal of phosphates.
    • Pure, dry iron-hydroxide granules.
    • Highest adsorption capacity with a long-lasting effect.
    • Clean and easy handling without bleeding.
    • No deposits of phosphate compounds.
    • Clean handling as granules.
  • Immuvit

    Tropic Marin® Immuvit contains beta-glucan of brewer’s yeast in a concentrated form. The natural B-vitamins of Spirulina and brewer’s yeast are an important contribution to the vitamin supply of the fish; they prevent diseases that occur from nutritional deficiencies and stimulate appetite and vitality.

    • For a natural immune stimulant.
    • Activates the immune system of fish.
    • Prevents deficiency diseases.
    • Natural astaxanthin promotes colors.
    • Strengthens the appetite and vitality of the fish.