1. Don’t overfeed your dog, it will significantly impact their health and happiness

More than 50% of dogs in UAE are obese and this number is on the rise. Overweight dogs are at increased risk of metabolic abnormalities, cardiovascular disease, joint diseases, a lowered immune system, and many other health problems. They also are less mobile and can’t run, play, or do other activities as much as they’d like. Do your pet a favor, feed them the amount recommended by their vet and don’t give in to those puppy dogs eyes when they ask for more!

2. Touch your dog’s nose

Your dog’s nose should feel wet. The level of moisture will vary between dogs and by time of year, but a healthy dog will have a cool and slightly wet nose because dogs secrete sweat through their nose to cool down.

3. Make annual vet appointments

Let the experts examine your dog regularly to screen them for any health issues and to provide you with the best, personalized information to keep your precious pup healthy for many years.

4. Make a “pet first aid” kit

Accidents and emergencies happen and being prepared with all the essentials to help your dog is a crucial step in being a responsible pet owner. This is especially important if you take your dog out hiking or camping, whenever you may be far away from help. A DIY pet first aid kit is something every dog parent should have.

5. Brush your dog’s teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is often overlooked, but hugely important to their overall health and avoiding expensive dental treatments in the future. Make this a part of their normal routine and make sure to use a toothpaste made specifically for dogs. With a little bit of time and training, teeth brushing can be a fun activity for your pet every day!

6. Have an emergency plan in place

It’s not pleasant to think about, but it’s crucial that you have a plan for your dog in place should anything happen to you. Make a list of important information about your dog’s lifestyle including how often they’re fed, how much they’re fed, medications, their vet’s phone number, etc. Give copies of this to someone in your life that could take care of your dog in the case of an emergency. It’s also worth your time to ask around and make sure you have at least one or two people who live close-by that could help your dog on short notice.

8. Play with Purpose

When petting and playing with your dog, especially when they are young, intentionally play with their feet, ears, and mouth. By doing things like touching their feet, toes and nails during positive play experience, you will desensitize them to being touched in these areas when its time for nail trims. Looking in their ears and mouth and getting them used to being handled in this way will make it much easier for your vet to examine your dog when they go in for check ups. This will make your vet’s job easier, your pup will be less stressed during their exam, and your vet will be more likely to catch any abnormalities in the event that there is something wrong with your dog.