Pinny Elisir Bianco Soft


White soft with high protein value ideal for breeding. Suitable for the brooding period and nestlings.

Highly professional, soft, white patée, formulated with cutting edge, top-quality ingredients, seeds, egg white and first class proteins of high biological value. It contains prebiotics, probiotics and natural origin substances useful for enhancing and balancing the gut bacterial flora, improving the digestion and the assimilation of nutrients. It does not contain colourants or ingredients that could affect the natural colour of plumage. It supplies all the necessary nutrients and the correct protein intake for an optimal and balanced growth of young subjects. It is a very appetizing food, suitable for the diet of all granivorous birds and pisttacidae during brooding and breeding. It is the ideal food for lipochrome canaries (white, mosaic, non-intensive, etc.).



Total price: AED62
Usage Instructions:
  • Use only a bitch milk substitute diet.
  • Puppies less than a week old, need feeding every 1-2 hours.
  • Cows and goats milk are not suitable milk substitutes
Cows and goats milk are not suitable milk substitute
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