EnzyComplex 20g x 20pz


Lactic acid bacteria with probiotic action and fructo-oligosaccharides with prebiotic action

It is a combination of substances, enzymes, fructo- oligosaccharides and other ingredients able to preserve and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. It consists of selected micro-organisms able to reach alive the gut and to positively promote the intestinal health of the host. Probiotic and prebiotic functional products play the important role of assisting the activities of bacteria in the intestine thus strengthening the barrier effect of the gut mucous membrane, stimulating the immune response and balancing the components of immune system. Since every bacterium population has a metabolism of its own, their coexistence is possible thanks to the control that each species exerts on the development of the other. The maintaining of bowel regularity is a useful barrier to the excessive proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, while an imbalance can cause changes in the number and quality of bacteria. It stimulates the immune system, enhances resistance to diseases, creates a barrier effect against pathogenic micro organisms, improves the absorption of nutrients, strengthens the beneficial gut bacterial flora, hinders the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and leads to a lower mortality rate.


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Usage Instructions:
  • Use only a bitch milk substitute diet.
  • Puppies less than a week old, need feeding every 1-2 hours.
  • Cows and goats milk are not suitable milk substitutes
Cows and goats milk are not suitable milk substitute
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Feed daily to prevent gastrointestinal disorders and to improve the wellbeing of the organism by strengthening its natural defenses. It is advisable to use ENZY COMPLEX all year round but it is fundamental to administer it during those biological cycle phases, in which the organism is more easily exposed to debilitating periods: before hatching, during the growing phase of nestlings, during moulting, after exhibitions, shows and/or competitions.

Use: mix well with food or dissolve in drinking water. If fed with water, it is advisable to replace it every 6 hours and accurately clean the drinkers. Dose: 10 g per kg of food or per litre of drinking water. Duration of treatment: 10 consecutive days. Increased need: 15 g per kg of food or per litre of drinking water. Duration of treatment: 5 consecutive days. Maintenance: twice a week.


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