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Raw Coated Small Breed Chicken Recipe


Stella & Chewy’s Baked Kibble for Dogs – Raw Coated Cage-Free Chicken Recipe for Small Breed – 10 Pound Bag

Gently oven baked and coated in our irresistible freeze-dried raw!

Our Raw Coated Baked Kibble provides a best-in-class solution for those pet parents looking for a simple, pristine, less processed, and highly palatable kibble. Each high-protein, grain-free offering starts with responsibly sourced animal proteins. Next, we gently bake our kibble. Finally, each and every piece is coated with our own special raw goodness. The result is a special combination of pure raw nutrition and great taste that dogs are wild about!


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Usage Instructions:
  • Use only a bitch milk substitute diet.
  • Puppies less than a week old, need feeding every 1-2 hours.
  • Cows and goats milk are not suitable milk substitutes
Cows and goats milk are not suitable milk substitute
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  • Responsibly Sourced Cage-Free Chicken
  • Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Potato-Free
  • Gently baked in small batches – less processed and more natural nutrition!
  • Highly digestible, nutrient dense & great tasting
  • Protein Rich – #1 Ingredient is Meat

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